Paper sculpture awa

Wallcovering Elitis Paper Sculpture Awa RM 980 01-80

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Spring preview – His word for it

Hybridisation with art. Now, diving in the texture. Paper. 

This collection was born from the desire to explore paper in our library of materials. It takes a very rare know-how to handle paper pulp, an extremely technical and indocile element. The craftsman who masters it traces the design in the grooves, flat surfaces and patterns, shiny reliefs against matte ones. Neutral or dark shades are highlighted by glistening trails and metallic sparks. Each one is made by hand and bears unique differences. Like the print of an artist or a painting…


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  • Elitis

    √Člitis is synonymous with elegance, culture and attention to detail. The French company is a leading name in the production of fabrics, upholstery and wall decorations, with collections appreciated worldwide. A success that is based not only on the proposition of refined textures and motifs, but also on a precise philosophy. The aim of the founder Patrice Marraud des Grottes, in fact, is to transform every creation into a real journey, full of poetic and cultural suggestions. In order to do this, the company has the collaboration of a large team of designers, as well as a design team that renews the dictates of the French textile tradition.

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