Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellation prior to the order’s confirmation

You may cancel the order at any time before its confirmation by Marakaki Store and while it is still under process status. You may cancel the order by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address [email protected] or by phone at the Customer Service department on a daily basis 09: 00-17: 00 with any further charges.

2. Cancellation following order’s confirmation and before the Receipt of the Product due to regret

(a) Prior to shipment / receipt of the Product – Cancellation is acceptable within 14 calendar days from the confirmation of your order by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address [email protected] or by telephone at phone tel. +30 28210 20609 [contact hours: Monday-Wednesday-Saturday 09.00am-14.00pm & Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 09.00am-2pm & 17.30-21.00pm). Upon the cancellation, and if this takes place within the above time period, Marakaki store will proceed with the refund process of the purchase price.

(b) The above refund will be made either by crediting your bank account or by crediting your credit / debit card, depending on the means of payment you used for your original transaction, unless you expressly agree otherwise via sending an email to at [email protected] If you choose the option of crediting your bank account, kindly inform us via email and specifically at [email protected] for your account number (IBAN), the bank holding your account and the name of the beneficiary as stated in the bankbook. For security reasons, the beneficiary of the account number shall be the same person mentioned on the receipt / purchase invoice for the Product you have returned to us.

Sometimes there may be a delay in crediting your credit / debit card that due to the bank’s transaction procedures. Please contact us either electronically at [email protected] e-mail or tel +30 28210 20609 [contact hours: Monday-Wednesday-Saturday 09.00am-14.00pm & Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 09.00am-2pm & 17.30-21.00pm).], if the respective amount has not been credited within 14 calendar days. In any case, if the Marakaki Store has credited the respective amount, it shall bear no responsibility for the actual time of credit of the refundable amount due to the procedures of the cooperating Bank of the Customer.

3. Cancellation After Receipt of the Product

Marakaki store, in principle, does not accept cancellations of the order after the receipt of the Product.

Only the Customer who is a natural person and buys products remotely from our Online Store exclusively for private use and not in the context of his professional activity (hereinafter “the Customer – Consumer“) has the right of unjustified withdrawal. The Customer – Consumer is entitled to withdraw from his/her order/purchase without justification within an exclusive period of 14 calendar days from the receipt – physical possession of the Product, by sending us a relevant e-mail with the declaration of withdrawal to [email protected] (we emphasize, for checking the compliance with the above deadline, that as the “date of receipt of the Product” is considered the one indicated by the carrier in the receipt of delivery to the Consumer). Our Store is obliged to send you a receipt confirmation of the declaration of withdrawal as soon as receive it.

The return of the Product, as well as the refund of the purchase price from the Store to the Consumer will be executed within fourteen (14) calendar days from the receipt confirmation letter of our Store, i.e. from the date the relevant confirmation email was actually received. The refund of the purchase price will be executed via the same payment method that chose when you placed your order. In this case, you will be charged with the shipment costs of the Product’s return and for any reduction in the value of the Product due to the Product’s condition at the time of return.
The costs of assembly or installation, which may have been charged on delivery, and/or expenses in favor of third party carriers, lifting machines, tractors and in general any other costs other than the value of the product (purchase price) shall not be refunded.

In any case, the returned Products shall be in the same condition as when received by the customer, complete and without damages (accompanied with the labels of their quality characteristics and value, any other labels and their stickers) and their packaging shall be the one that normally accompanies the Product(s) (to comply with the Product’s code that the Store keeps) and shall be in excellent condition, along with all the documentation that accompanied the product (e.g. Dispatch Note, Invoice, Retail Receipt, etc.).

We would also like to point out that the risk of loss, damage or destruction of the Product shall bear with the Consumer until the actual receipt of the Product by our Store.

In any case, our Store does NOT accept Products that are returned due to withdrawal right and show signs of stains, damages, abrasions, deteriorations, and generally create the impression that they have been used beyond the necessary usage which is appropriate to determine their suitability. The Customer-Consumer is liable to compensate the Store if he/she made use of the Product other than the absolutely necessary for the determination of the nature, characteristics and operation of the Product within the time period until the withdrawal was exercised and the Store is entitled to agree with the customer its compensation even with mutual offsetting.

The Customer expressly acknowledges that he/she unconditionally waives the right to withdraw as a whole from the contract of sale, for Product(s) which was/were custom made for him/her according to his/her order or was delivered to him/her along with very specific technical or design specifications which he/she requested when placing the order.

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