Payment – Shipping Expenses

1. Payment

Marakaki Store accepts payments by (a) credit / debit card, (b) by deposit in a bank account, (c) Cash on delivery.

(a) If the credit / debit card is chosen as the payment method (acceptable cards are Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express or Diners), you must follow the instructions that you will find in the Online Store. After completing your details in the order form, you will be referred (be re-directed) to a special protected page of the bank cooperating with the Store in which you will be asked to fill in the number and expiration date of your credit / debit card, the three-digit security card of your card, as well as any other information that this bank deems appropriate for your secure transaction.

Your attention is drawn to, as during the processing of the payment by the cooperating bank and until the confirmation of the successful completion of your transaction, avoid interrupting the processing of the transaction. Credit / debit card transactions will be carried out through the Online Store by using the services of the Internet Payment Processor of the Bank with which Marakaki Store is contracted. You are solely responsible for the proper insertion and verification of your credit / debit card details and the card you use for each transaction must belong to you. Marakaki Store, for security reasons, does not store the details of any credit / debit card for future use, so you must re-enter the details each time you wish to make a new purchase.

By entering the required credit / debit card details, you expressly state that you have the legal right to use the credit / debit card. If your card does not have any amounts, the transaction will not be possible, so please make sure there is enough balance. Your transactions are protected by top online security systems (digital certificate encrypted with SSL 128-bit, control of the three-digit credit / debit card security code (CVV), additional online trading security systems such as Verified By Visa ® by V SecureCode ™ by MasterCard®, American Express Safe Key). In any case, the Company cannot guarantee that it can prevent the unauthorized use of information by unauthorized third parties. Also,Marakaki Store is not responsible for non-performance of charges or commitments of amounts with credit / debit card in case of fault of the Internet Banking Processor or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

i) Prior to the registration of your order, your credit / debit card will be pre-approved with a reservation of the total amount (price and any agreed costs, e.g. transportation) in order to make the corresponding reservation of the (s) Product(s) that we will send to you. If at the stage of confirmation of your order there is a problem with your pre-approval, then Marakaki Store will contact you in one of the ways mentioned in order to reach an agreement with you on this matter. If none of the referred ways of contacting you is made possible for any reason within one (1) business day of sending your order request, your request will be automatically canceled and you will have to send to us a new request again. In this case, a relevant message will be sent to you regarding the cancellation of your order request to the e-mail address you have indicated to us. The amount of the charge, in addition to the value of the ordered Product(s), also includes the shipping costs according to the term 13 below.

ii) In case at any point, and despite the above pre-approval and delivery of the Product(s) to you, inadvertently and / or due to a technical or other problem and / or for any other reason, final charge of your card with the corresponding price and expenses has not taken place, the Company has the right to make the final charge of the amount and expenses corresponding to your executed order at any later stage, at any time. In case you choose to pay by credit / debit card, you must either be present at the time of receipt of your order with your ID, or have an authorized holder with his / her identity present. In case the order is made on the data and on behalf of a company then either the legal representative of the company with his identity or an authorized employee of the company with his ID must be present at the time of receipt of the order,

(b) If the deposit in a bank account is selected as the method of payment, then you must pre-pay your order (and any agreed costs such as shipping cost) in full and not in instalments in one of Marakaki store’s bank accounts that appear in the corresponding payment field, stating as a reason for depositing your name and the number of your order. The order number will be indicated in the e-mail that you will receive as soon as your order is registered. The relevant deposit must be completed and confirmed by us within five (5) working days from the sending of that e-mail.

After confirming the deposit of the total amount of your order, the process of processing and confirming the order is followed and the relevant e-mails are sent to you. In case of non-confirmation of the deposit of the total amount of your order within the above deadline of five (5) working days respectively, your order will be canceled free of charge and the contract of sale will be considered as never concluded due to your rescission. In the latter case, a relevant message of cancellation of your order will be sent to you to the e-mail address and / or the mobile phone number you have indicated.

(c) Cash on delivery is only available for orders under 300€ that are delivered to Greece.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, there is the option of issuing either a receipt or an invoice, according to the applicable legislation. Also, regardless of the payment method you choose, you are entitled to a refund if you decide to return the Product under the present Terms.

In any case, the payment of the price and any expenses related to your order constitutes a full and unconditional acceptance on your part of the terms of our transaction as determined by the confirmation of your order.

2. Shipping Expenses

Delivery within the European Union is not subject to additional taxes. With the confirmation of your order according to the details specified above in the clause 3 our Store will specifically inform you of the costs related to the shipment of Products as well as the delivery times.

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