Alliances vases

Wallpaper Elitis Alliances Vases RM 738 02/74 – Sold by meter

An exceptional material, unique in the world of wallcoverings, this took us 2 years to, develop.On a non-woven backing, a jersey fabric is laid over foam, then «thermo-formed» with a mould. Very easy to hang, there are no jointing issues, even though it is thick.This thickness also offers good acoustic qualities, as well as quitted touch. It is magnificent once up on the wall. Sold by the meter

Outstanding wallcovering on non woven backing

A sale of made-to-measure items does not permit neither exchange nor return of the sold goods; in case of uncertainty, we therefore recommend that you order an advance sample in order to be certain of your choice.


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  • Elitis

    Élitis is synonymous with elegance, culture and attention to detail. The French company is a leading name in the production of fabrics, upholstery and wall decorations, with collections appreciated worldwide. A success that is based not only on the proposition of refined textures and motifs, but also on a precise philosophy. The aim of the founder Patrice Marraud des Grottes, in fact, is to transform every creation into a real journey, full of poetic and cultural suggestions. In order to do this, the company has the collaboration of a large team of designers, as well as a design team that renews the dictates of the French textile tradition.

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