Zettel'z Munari

Ingo Maurer

Designed by: Ingo Maurer

Zettel'z Munari image Zettel'z Munari image Zettel'z Munari image Zettel'z Munari image Zettel'z Munari image

Zettel'z Munari is a limited edition of Zettel'z 5. With the illustrated alphabet by Bruno Munari, it is a perfect luminaire for rooms where children live, to be surrounded by creativity and the curiosity to explore language and learning. However, with its unique beauty, the limited edition is a pleasure for all ages.
For Zettel'z Munari, Ingo Maurer received the permission of the publishing house of Maurizio Corraini srl to use the alphabet by Bruno Munari:
limited edition of 200 pieces
with 80 sheets made of Japanese paper
printed on two sides with graphics from "Bruno Munari's ABC", published in 1960.
Zettel'z Munari has two light bulbs: one uplight and one downlight.Depending on the application of Zettel'z 5, we still recommend the use of the halogen bulbs, especially if you require excellent colour rendering. As an energy-efficient alternative, you can also use LED bulbs. The upper socket can be equipped with an LED retrofit, e.g. With Philips Master E27. Please select from the light sources below and add them into your shopping cart when you buy Zettel'z 5.

Cable length:
350 cm
Ø 11 cm
120 x 120 cm
Stainless steel, heat-resistant satin-frosted glass. 80 sheets printed on both sides
Primary voltage:
190 - 250 V
E27, max. 250 W & E27, max. 75 W
Year of manufacture:

price: 2.125,00 €